NYC Agape specializes in cultivating relationships through fitness.

NYC Agape started as a fitness platform for couples in relationships with unique training programs designed to strengthen bonds between couples. Our customized workouts and friendly competition encourage couples to communicate and motivate with each other to become healthier and happier through fitness.

Wanting to share the benefits of partner workouts on a broader scale, we have cultivated a community of friendships, family and other personal relationships that promotes physical fitness through communication, motivation and accountability.

Our Philosophy

The NYC Agape program is designed to strengthen bonds and broaden communication.

The program aims to not only achieve the obvious benefits of a strict physical regiment such as improved physical appearance, health and well-being, but also to transform fitness from a discipline to a self-motivated part of life.

The Method

Couples that workout together stimulate each other’s growth through accountability, communication and motivation both in and out of the gym. Each NYC Agape training session is crafted with the couple in mind. With exercises based on Parador training, our couples are able to enjoy and fun, connected workout with each other regardless of size or strength.

Fitness Programs

Couples Training

Couples will experience a 60-minute session with a series of exercises that focus on communication.

In-Home Training

Have a great gym at your space? NYC Agape's NASM Certified trainers will train with you on your home turf.

Agape Bootcamps

Agape bootcamps offer a great way for groups of couples to build a community and to share in a little friendly competition.

All introductory sessions (excluding Agape Bootcamps) are $1
contact us at training@nycagape.com for location, pricing or scheduling details.

The Team

Mike Brown

Mike comes from a diverse personal training background with experience in strength and conditioning, weight training, and peak performance. Mike fused his passion for personal training and communication to create NYC Agape, the first couples only workout program. When he’s not training, he’s working as a butcher helping bring grass fed animals from the farm to the plate.

Carin Pinto

Inspired by creating, strategizing and culture, Carin has three years of experience in the Marketing & Advertising industry. Prior to joining the NYC Agape team, Carin founded Curatem, a branding strategy company. She is motivated to bring fun and new experiences to the Agape family. A true southerner, Carin loves summer time and outdoor workouts.

Xavier Cooper

Xavier is a techy at heart with over 5 years of experience in web development and graphic design. A self-taught programmer, Xavier is rarely seen without his trusted Macbook Air. When Xavier is not programming, you can find him out and about Brooklyn's vibrant artist scene, looking for different ways to apply technology and expand his horizons.

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